Notifications not working right

I have noticed that for the last 2 days when I had flex scheduled that didn’t need to run because of the weather but I got notification that sounded like it needed to run.


@ghctim Reviewed your event history, looks like your rain sensor is still activated, which is blocking schedules from running. I did find that we were not sending the ‘Schedule skipped due to rain sensor event’ and ‘Rain sensor activated’ events to your history, fixing that now, will be patched this morning, so any future events will show up.

If you have questions regarding your rain sensor, [] can help with that.


yup! We have had buckets of rain daily here

yes, thats what I was trying to say :wink: I expected to see the skipped events, not that watering would occur. Trust me, we have had enough of that.

You da man!

I’ll keep reporting them, if you keep fixing them.


P.S. I’m a pretty good bug reporter ain’t I?

Hired! :wink:

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