Not watering without web access

I’m moving and getting my house ready for sale. Wi-Fi has been shut down. I expected it to water on the schedule that I set just before shutting down the the hot spot. It is not watering at all. Before I shut down the net access I verified the schedule was as I set it. Any ideas???

@Harvey, are you running Flex or Fixed schedules. I believe for Flex the system will water every three days.


What generation hardware (1 or 2) and what type of schedule did you have set?


Gen 2 and fixed schedule.

Thanks @Harvey. I had the team test out this functionality again on a Gen 2 unit first disabling internet and watching a schedule run and then power cycling the unit (without internet) and then watching the schedule run. I can have them review your schedule for any anomalies. The only other thing I can think of is if a rain sensor is triggered or the original schedule did not get saved to the controller or the controller was put into a standby mode whereby no schedules will run.