Not watering when it thinks it is

Something isn’t right recently. I have 15 zones divided into four schedules, with three flex daily and a fixed for drips. Works great. But over the last two days it isn’t behaving. One zone this morning in my flex schedules coming up as “not scheduled” when it is in the schedule and enabled. Yesterday there were three that were that way, and I futzed for an hour to get it to be in the schedule (by emptying and filling zones). This morning, my rear turf schedule, which was supposed to water, did not, but the moisture graphs indicate it did. I’m running the rear turf zone manually now, because it is super dry back there, and I’m worried. Anyone else have this happening, and have an idea?

and AFTER the zones are manually watered, their moisture balances go DOWN, and they are scheduled to water SOONER, still not appropriate through.

This morning’s issue (flex supposed to run but did not) can be explained with the connectivity problem we experienced this morning ( Regarding the moisture graph, since we were supposed to water, it is simulating watering today. This is a known issue with the moisture graph and we are determining the best way to render the data differently.

There will also be times when we determine at flex time of run (one hour before) that it doesn’t need to run (very close to depletion, but not zero yet) and the forecast for the graph might predict it ran (but it really did not based on information from the morning).

I agree that the simulator needs some work in regards to today, since the truth is not always displayed how it should be, especially if you are past your watering time for the day. I’m going to have the development team look into this behavior, it might be an easy fix.


Franz always works. Franz works every day. :wink: I did send a ticket to support too. What explains the zone coming up as “not scheduled”? Never seen that before. started last night. (yes, I obsessively look at the dashboard).

Everything looks scheduled at the moment on your controller. I have seen sometimes the Webapp dashboard can be slow to load data, and until fully loaded will say not scheduled.

If you do see this behavior again just let us know and we can do some troubleshooting.


Okay. I’ve seen it say " will water after…" and change later, but this is “Not scheduled” with a yellow “!” like it’s disabled. I’ll monitor. (zone in question is currently “sprays circle drive”. Gonna be dry around here coming up, so this is important.

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