Not watering nearly enough and we have been in a drought

I’ve set my Rachio system up on the flex daily recommended schedule 5 weeks ago. I live in Atlanta and over the last month we have hardly had any rain and higher than average temps for June (low 90s) already. I’ve noticed my yard getting dryer and dryer and open my app up every other day or so and it says that it’s not scheduled for weeks out. It’s linked up to a weather station 15 miles away so I have no idea why this is happening? I thought the point of this system was to be able to rely on “smart” technology? I have ever zone set up perfectly with the type of grass, soil, plants, etc. Am I doing something wrong or should I just set up on a daily schedule like my “old school” system did? What’s the point of keeping this smart thermostat if that’s the case? I’m 33 and pretty decent with technology so I’m not sure what I’m missing

I usually recommend starting with one or two zones in flex daily, adjusting and then rolling out to other zones. If you want a higher frequency the easiest lever is the crop coefficient, I would increase 5%-20% and you can see immediate results on the moisture graph simulation for the next two weeks.

Here is more information on flex daily adjustments.


You might also post your settings here and let the community take a look at them. I live in Charlotte, so similar conditions to you — it’s seems very odd that you are not scheduled for weeks out – In May, when we had a dry spell and days in the high 90’s my lawn was watering about every other day and some times every day.

Also, can you find a PWS closer to you?

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