Not enough zones, doubled wiring on zone


I’m switching from a 9-zone Rainbird to an 8-zone Rachio. I combined my 2 wires that water the shrubs as my 8th Rachio zone. Now The shrubs aren’t watering. The rest work fine. Help!


@Tyoussef66 - try running zone 8 with one wire from each valve and see if they water independently. If they do, then try it again with both wires in zone 8. If the zone doesn’t water when both wires are in the zone (and they previously watered when ran solo), then the combined load of the two solenoids is too much for the Rachio to put out (older Rainbirds use a mechanical connection, so they can let more power pass down the line). If this is the case then there are two options - one replace one or both solenoids on the valves with newer ones (this was the case for a recent poster) or return the 8 zone Rachio and get a 16 zone Rachio.


Thanks for your input! I’m exchanging the unit for an 18 channel.