Not all zones getting watered. Moisture level staying low

I have a Rachio 3 with flow meter. I have zones 1-4 in a schedule called “Grass”. I have “Smart Cycle” enabled, weather Intelligence enabled with freeze skip on and wind skip off.

It seems zones 2 and 4 are getting skipped frequently and always showing less than 40% moisture, usually 20%, while zones 1 and 3 are running when they should and getting plenty of water, if not too much. I end up running zones 2 and 4 manually. Can anybody help me figure out what is going on.

Here is the moisture graph for zone 4. Today was at 25% but I clicked on the “Empty” button at the bottom of the screen. Now I know what it does…

Can anybody help?

Based on your moisture graph, it looks like it is watering correctly…Keep in mind, the moisture balance you are seeing is based on a 0-100% (technically 110%), 0% being whatever you have your AD set at, in your case 50%, and up from there.

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@seanf ,

@tmcgahey is correct though, if your AD is to high, your PR Nozzle is not in check and your uncomfortable with this projection…

a PWS with solar /UV reporting would most likely be better for you!

Skip the Smart Cycle as well you can always go back to it. I find you can dial it in better, and work with your soils and Nozzle rates.

Try looking at three weather stations near you with like conditions pick the best reporting and again with UV reporting.

What Sprinkler heads and nozzles are you using?

Hope this helps!

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