None of the schedules are initiating for last 4 months

I have 8 schedules set up in my Rachio early this year when I installed the unit for the first time. It worked fine till July or Aug it seems. Then there were some rain skips and it didnt water.

Now for more than 2 months there is no rain , no rain skip messages, but it seems it never watered any of the zones. I could not check personally as they are all around early morning. One of the tree already died. When I checked the history no watering happened since August.

This Friday night I monitored the system. The Lawn schedule is supposed to start at 9.55PM, but it didnt start. I manually kicked it on at 10.15pm. The next schedule is supposed to start at 5.00AM on Sat, (i.e., today), but it didnt start. I didnt find anything in history, but on the zones it shows the next schedule as 10/23 i.e., next Fri.
Not sure why it is not watering. Now I have to spend money to replace the dead tree.

Any help in this regard is highly appreciated


What does your schedule show for Start/End dates? For Weather Intelligence?
A screen shot of the scheduled settings would be useful.

Attached herewith the screenshots of the schedules


As a test, turn off all the Weather Intelligence ‘Skip’ options, set the Interval to Sun and see whether it runs tonight. If so, we can then determine which of the skips were (incorrectly) causing the schedule to not be run. I’m guessing that Rachio got bogus data from a malfunctioning weather station.

Check the history to make sure Rachio is initiating a run. If you can see history of runs, then need to look at the “mechanical” side of things…

If no zones are firing, first check that water to the system is turned on. Try to manually run the zones AT THE VALVE by turning the solenoid a 1/4 turn. If this works, then you might need to be looking at the common wire. If all zones are affected, it is almost always an issue with the common wire.

I checked the history. It shows “Tree Bubblers was not skipped because the PLUS weather network observed: 0.00 in of predicted and 0.00 in observed precipitation. 9 mph winds, 55F temp”

However, on the zones it shows Last run : 10/16. It should be today, if it ran at 5.01AM today. I also didnt get any message on my phone stating that the schedule is complete.

If I kick of manual run, i.e, “Quick run zone” it waters.

I have also observed that “Delay Watering” is set to ON. I just switched it OFF. Not sure if this is impacting the schedules.


Settings>Controller Settings>Weather Intelligence PLUS:
Rain Skip = .125, Wind Skip = 15mph, Freeze skip = 40F are my settings. I’m guessing your wind skip is set to 5mph?