No Zone will start

Hi All,

Just bought my Rachio three and trying to get it running has been a challenge. First I couldn’t get it attached to the wire (found it was the iOS challenge that is well documented) now I can’t get any of my zones to fire up. They all worked perfectly with my old Rainbird controller that I ripped out the other day. I do not have a master valve so that is shut off. Just one common white wire and 6 zones. I pulled out the common wire and zone 1 wire and put a multimeter across them. I am not getting 24v when manually start zone 1 from the front face of the controller. Any ideas? Attached is a image of the original rainbird wiring diagram.



@klebel - what is the ohm reading across the common wire and zone one when both wires are removed from the Rachio? Is there a rain sensor in line on the common wire?