No Weather Intelligence Skips

So I’ve had this Rachio 3 for around 6 months and set it all up for advanced watering or whatever it is and weather intelligence plus and we’ve actually been getting a lot of rain lately and I’ve never had one skip ever. There are a bunch of weather stations all around and me and the app shows rain but my rachio couldn’t care less. As I write this it is raining and my sprinklers are running. I thought this would be kind of set it and forget it and I’m really busy with work and don’t pay much attention and now the new sod I put in 6 months ago when I installed this rachio has pretty much turned to mud between all the rain and rachio continuing to water. Also when it does water it waters for like an hour or more sometimes which also seems crazy to me. ???

@somekevinguy I had the engineering team review and it looks like you are actually on flex daily which doesn’t have the concept of skipping or sending skipping notifications. I call it the anti-schedule in that it just doesn’t run until it has to. Looking at zone 1 it watered on 2/21 and again today, so about a week in between.

Looking out in the future due to predicted precipitation (if it does materialize) it won’t run for at least the next two weeks. If you feel the watering duration (not frequency) is too much I would just go into the schedule and adjust your minutes down. Hope this helps.

Yeah either I’m stupid which is totally possible or none that was described very well at all in the setup. I would definitely rather have it skip when its raining because it ends up getting muddy and I have dogs. It would probably be fine if I didn’t. Also I don’t think I saw were you could adjust duration when using the advanced watering because that had crossed my mind.

As far as not running after rain though, I remember around a couple months ago we had this big one day storm with a ton of rain and my sprinklers started running like the next day and that was when it really brought it to my attention. My yard was still muddy from the day before and my sprinklers were turning on.

It will skip (or not run) when the zone is above depletion (moisture balance is > 0%). Rain will typically keep the zone above this level.

Navigate to the schedule and you can adjust durations in there.

If that happens again please let us know and I can have the engineering team do research.

BTW - I grew up in Redondo Beach, right around the corner :wink: