No Watering on Specific Day

Is there and easy way to prevent watering on Fridays? I was trying not to mess with the standard 3 day rotation for the most part and dont want to have to remember to trigger a rain delay every other week when the schedule falls on a Friday.



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Currently no. You would have to change your intervals to day of week, versus a true interval (1-21).

Using day of week might be better suited right now, something like Monday/Wed/Sat?

But…our new software 2.0 release will have the concept of flex schedules. You tell us what days you can water on, and we take care of the rest, only watering when we determine your yard needs it, and not on Fridays :wink:

Targeting end of April for 2.0 mobile/web release.

Let us know if you have any more questions or feedback.

Have a great day!