No water system says it’s running

Connectivity all good. Attempting a custom quick run, app indicates zone is running but no water. This was a skip day by wind dried landscape and high temp requires water today. Help

@Glennjjjr - the main culprit I’ve seen that causes this is a rain sensor that is in-line on the common wire (common on older installations that are retrofitted with a Rachio). If the rain sensor is wired directly into the Rachio, check the main screen to see if it says the rain sensor is active. I believe this situation can be overridden using the controls on the face plate, disabling the rain sensor in the app or disconnecting it from the Rachio.

If the above doesn’t get it,then:

  1. Which gen of Rachio do you have 1, 2 or 3?
  2. Is there a master valve in the system?
  3. If a zone is activated manually, using the bleed screw on the valve body, does it water?
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