No Upcoming Watering?

Installed this unit a week or so ago. All of my stations, except one with a schedule I created, show “no upcoming” watering events? Is this normal? The unit has also cycled off and then on several times per the history.

Please post a screen shot of the “Soil Moisture” screen for one of the zones in question. I find it easiest to view this from a browser as opposed to the smart phone app. Go to and select Zones on the left, click on the zone, then click Soil Moisture. This will allow folks here to try and figure out what’s happening…

Thank you. This issue was resolved via the chat support system.

If you don’t mind saying, what was the solution?

I was not aware that I needed to set up watering schedules for the stations that I was leaving to the discretion of the irrigation system. In the case of my prior system, B-Hyve, which is a similar system, schedules were created automatically for each station. Once I did this, the Rachio behaved similarly.

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