No Specific days, i.e. Mon, Wed, Sat?

I’m a newbie. I’ve avoided Flexible schedules just because I haven’t figured out soil types, sun, etc. I’ve been watering every two days (with weather cutoffs) but I’ve discovered my town only allows watering 3 days a week. I’m technically violating that every other week. So I thought I’d go to 3 specific days a week (Mon, Wed, Sat, for example.) I haven’t figured out how to do this. Is this possible? it was snap with the older timers. Thanks for your help!

  • Bob

Perhaps make 3 schedules that run every 7 days?

Ah, great idea. Thanks, Dub9!

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I’m confused. Isn’t that exactly what the “Fixed Days” schedule type is for?

I didn’t think that was a new feature with the recent software update, but maybe it’s just more clear than it was before.

You are correct. Fixed days allows you to pick which day(s) of the week you want to allow watering to occur.
Less overhead than three schedules on 7 day cycles, plus weather intelligence will work better if a single schedule has the three days specified.
Kudos for the alternate solution though!

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OK, I just figured it out. (In the old days, we called it end-user error.) I couldn’t see Fixed Days because I was trying to alter my existing Fixed Interval schedule. I didn’t realize you must create a new schedule; you can’t change the type of an old schedule. Thanks for your help, everybody! Love the Rachio community. :slight_smile:

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