No run/skip notification

I have 8 zones and run both flex daily on 3 zones and the flex monthly on the remaining 5 zones. I noticed the other day the flex monthly was scheduled to run but I didn’t get a notification that it did or didn’t. I went into the app and saw that it hadn’t so I ran it manually. Last night I noticed that both my monthly and daily were scheduled to run this morning (Sunday 7/10). I looked this morning and it seems the flex daily moved to tomorrow and the monthly just didn’t run again. I have the monthly set to kick off at 4:30 am and the daily to kick off at 5am so if they ever do run on the same date it starts with the monthly. I didn’t see anything similar on this so figures I would post. Appreciate your response. Thanks.


Can you reach out to with this information? Without seeing screenshots and looking at your scheduling history it is difficult to determine the status of your watering schedules.