No Multiple Quick Runs?

I entered different Quick runs for each of the 3 zones I wanted to water today. It appears that starting the second one, ended the first, and starting the 3rd ended the second.

It appears that you cannot enter more than one Quick Run at a time? I know I could have selected the zones to water, and the time (for each), but needed to water for different times.

What I actually wanted to do was water 3 of my 5 zones on a Flex Daily schedule; I manually had them not water today, as I had to work on the irrigation system. Then I wanted to go back and run the 3 zones that missed their time this morning.

I ended up creating a manual program, just for today, with those 3 zones for the times I wanted, after disabling my regular Flex schedule, then ran it. After it’s done, I intend to disable it, maybe delete it.

Was there an easier way? On my old simple controller, I could set up multiple manual runs of zones/schedules/whatever, and each would run in turn after the previous one ended.

Ahhhh, I missed the Custom Run, which allows you to select which zones you want to water, and then how much time for each zone. Exactly what I was looking for. Sorry for the false alarm. :wink:

Also try tapping the blue arrow in the lower-right corner of the Home screen. Allows you to select multiple zones (or even a schedule) and do a Quick Run. Very convenient.