No cycle soak and created just 1 hour per zone watering

I have the hunter MP Rotators at .39 precipitation rate. I created a custom nozzle to reflect this. I turned on cycle soak as here in Colorado Springs water runs off very quickly. My front zone is very steep and I set it as so. However when it created water schedules it just set everything at 1 hour per zone and broke nothing up. I dial my two lesser zones back to 45 minutes each as any more than that and I will get mushrooms in the shady zone.

I did used advanced setting and measered and entered the square footage of all my zones as well. Please tell me you are adding MP rotator support in 2.0 as it is almost half of what you have Rotary Nozzles set for.

What am I missing. Username is also jbrinkman

Hi @jbrinkman, thanks for reaching out. I’m sorry to hear of your troubles getting your zones setup. That isn’t what we like to hear. I’ll open a support ticket for you to review your account in more detail. Free free to email our support team at with any other questions or concerns you have.

Best, Emil