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Attempting to add a Gen 2 alongside my Gen 1. I get stuck where I’m trying to add a device. Gen 2 has the 4th LED blinking, so it is on the network, and has connected with your server. In app, I’ve selected add a device, selected Gen 2, and it hangs on the next finding devices screen. I’ve reconnected it to my wifi 3 times, I’ve reset the Gen 2 wifi settings, I’ve reset the Gen 2 to factory settings. Still, it gets stuck here every time.

So, I’ve got my sprinkler wiring torn apart from the Gen 1. Lesson learned, get the new unit functioning before you start to disassemble the current install to connect the wires.

Please help.


@tcesario, just curious, are you using an iOS or Android device to add your Gen 2 controller?

Have you attempted the troubleshooting tips found on this support article?

If I’m understanding correctly, you were able to see the controller, select the WiFi network you wish to connect to, but never asked to enter the controller’s serial number? Or, did you attempt to add the controller another way? Perhaps via your phone’s WiFi settings?

Let us know and we’ll help you get online. Screenshots help as well if you have any.

Thanks, Emil

Yes, that was my problem. I was working ahead of the app. I’m used to configuring and adding devices like this to my wifi network manually. Once I let the app do it, all is well. The controller has been registered.

A minor nit, but in the set up instructions/screen captures it might be clearer for some if your example wifi network wasn’t named “rachio”. At first I thought is was referring to the device, not the network I intended to join.

Now to connect all the wires.

Thanks for the help.



Fantastic, please let us know if you have any other questions or feedback. Welcome to the community!


@tcesario, thanks for this feedback. I believe you’re referring to 0:55 in this video?

Keep us posted on how your controller is working. We hope you’re enjoying it!

Best, Emil

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Yes. Again it is a very minor nit, but in that video over the course of five seconds or so “rachio” flashes on the screen multiple times for different things, device name, network name, company name, etc. it’s a little confusing but not a huge deal.

The Gen 2 is working fine with the exception of waking up to being offline 2 days in a row. I’m sure you are working it this morning.

I appreciate the follow up. Customer service has been outstanding. I’m very impressed!


Sorry about the offline notifications. The device was never really offline, we just marked it incorrectly. Working with our cloud provider on this, will be resolved soon I’m sure.

Thanks for the feedback!


I am having this same issue. 4th led light flashing but can not find the device and then hangs I have done many factory resets coming to the same result. I am on iPhone latest update 10.0.2

Hey @kurtteesh-
I would first try running through this troubleshooting support article- if you don’t have success go ahead and contact support at and they should be able to get you online! Let me know if I can answer any other questions.
McKynzee :rachio:

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Just saw you already contacted support and they were able to get you online! Let me know if you have any other questions.

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