Newly installed and already used 140 gallons

I just installed 2 of the 8 zone units, and ran each zone for a few seconds to figure out which was which. I only have 9 working zones across 2 units. I then labelled all the zones. At that point, I noticed that it said I had already used 60 gallons on one and 80 gallons on the other! That seems impossible. I want to reset and start over. Is there a way to reset my water usage without having to remove and re-add each of these?

@kconradie - without a flow sensor the usage is based on the area for each zone along with the rate and time. Rachio can reset the gallons used, but I’d wait until you have the area for each zone and rate dialed in before requesting someone on the support line to reset the number.


Hey @kconradie,

As DLane put it, your water usage is dependent on your designated Area size (found in your Advanced Zone Settings) and your sprinkler Precipitation Rates (PR).

For more information, you can view our Support article on How we calculate water usage.

Here’s a really handy tip from @Bill.Maupin in another thread on determining your square footage:

We can reset your Water Usage for you, but resetting will not remove any watering done the same day. If you’d like me to go ahead and do that for you, I can do so tomorrow to clear all of your watering so far.

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