Newbie: watering times

Like some others, I’m confused with the recommended times. Are they weekly totals or something? I didnt know what to call some of my zones. And what soil type is mostly dg?

I typically water my slopes 10 min 4 times a week. Citrus 30 min twice a week, olive trees 45 min once per week and vinyard 4hrs once a week during growing season. The recommended values are way over this. Do I have to create separate schedules for my zones as they are different frequencies. I haven’t found any useful information that explains the algorithms for smart watering.

What schedule type are you using?


Cycle soak is going to add in a 30 minute pause for any zones with slopes or high PR nozzles in an attempt to limit running. Total time is going to include those pauses for soak time. Chances are you have 2 30 minute soak times built into those grass zones.

Without knowing what type or PR nozzles you have on the citrus, olive, or vineyard, it is hard to say. But, Rachio waters the way you really should. Longer run times, but longer intervals. In Arizona, my tree zones run for almost 4 hours (I have multiple 2gph emitters per tree), but this time of year with the cooler weather, I’m going 3 weeks between waterings, and my trees have never looked better. Since you have been watering much more frequently for shorter times, you might need to slowly train the plants as you work up to letting Rachio run Flex Daily in all its amazing glory!