Newbie questions

Does this system require a connecting to the website? My main concern is if something happens to the company. I expect to put in a system like this and have it work for ten or more years.

@Rachio4567‌ Yes, you need a connection to our cloud API to get all of the benefits of real time water budgeting, weather intelligence, push notifications, email, third party integrations (IFTTT, etc.) We plan on being around for a very long time and building the best cloud connected irrigation controller product and features.

We do not currently have a way to control the device ‘locally’. It is on our roadmap but not a high priority since you lose most of our cloud connected benefits.

Thanks for asking and let us know if you have any more questions or feedback!

Can i replace my old unit with the pins in the wheel timer with this unit easily? Will i have to change a lot to make it work?

Hi @crifflay, good morning, thanks for reaching out.

Could you send some photos to to review? We’re compatible with almost all systems with the exception of those with DC solenoids.

Usually no, it’s a really simple installation. Is your controller indoors or outdoors?

Thanks, Emil


Hi @crifflay,

Thanks for confirming. You’ll need to mount the Iro inside a weatherproof enclosure. Here’s a support article with details on how to do so.

Do you currently have an Iro or are you still researching controllers?

Let me know if this helps and/or if you have any other questions or concerns I can help with.

Best, Emil