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I currently have a Rain Bird 4 zone manual system. It is set to run every day, however it is normally in the off position and on the days I want it to run, I just go into the garage and switch it to on and then turn it off the next morning. I would like to have the ability to do the same thing, just via app on my phone.

Can I easily accomplish what I’m looking to do with one of the Rachio systems and if so, which one makes the most sense cost/learning curve wise, given that I’m only looking for the ability to run things manually at first?

Thanks ahead of time!

Yes, we support that functionality. For what you are looking for maybe the R3e?


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Yes that is the one I was looking at. What I’d like to know specifically is can I have a default program where zone 1 gets 25 mins, zone 2 30 mins, zone 3 25 mins and zone 4 45 mins set permanently for example, but never have it run automatically and be able to just click a button or two to tell it to run the normal program the next day?

Is that something that is easily possible or would you have to manually set the time for each zone or other details each time? Thanks ahead of time for any info.

I know the reverse can be done: set up a single schedule to run everyday with fixed durations for each zone and then skip the next day as needed.


Or quick run the schedule the day you need it, but keep the schedule disabled. I just tried and disabled schedules can be quick ran.


Or disable and enable the schedule as needed.


Thanks Kubisuro, that sounds good and makes sense. Appreciate you checking on that for me.

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