NEWBIE POST - Soil and Grass Type questions

Hey guys!

First time poster for a first time Rachio user in my first lawn. I am asking for guidance for initial setup.

I live in a new development that contains horrible clay soil, so I brought in 3" of loam for my entire yard. They just put down hydroseed yesterday containing their own secret mixture of “kentucky blue grass, fescues, and rye”.

  1. When setting up my zones, should I choose “clay loam” or just “clay”? Read that I’d want to choose the latter as the roots of grass are way more than 3" deep.
  2. When choosing gras type, is this “cool-weather grass”? I live up in Michigan, so I am assuming so.


Welcome @travisbowen3
I would say for #1, choose the setting of the soil that the roots will be in, so it sounds like your roots will be in the clay region. #2 I don’t personally deal with that type of grass but I’d say going with Cool Season grass is your best bet. As always, keep an eye on things and adjust as needed.

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