Newbie - New Lawn need to water next three days?

Ok, What am I missing.
We have new landscape and need to water everyday for next three days.

I tried fixed schedule for next three days, but Rachio didn’t turn on this morning and even though I have a fixed schedule the zones are saying no scheduled.

What am I doing wrong?

@rthib I assume that you have the fixed scheduled ‘enabled’ as well ? Assuming so, does a manual run work ? If both of these check out post some screenshots of your schedule and we can try to help.

Yes, enabled (I disabled and enabled to see if any changes).
Manual Start work, this morning when I woke up and saw it had not watered,I started manually.

Attached are screen shots

You are in standby mode. Go into device setting to get it turned off.

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Thanks. Working now.

You’re welcome! :blush:


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