New "Water when needed" vs. old Flex

Well - I am confused… I understood quite well how the old Flex model worked - the Rachio kept track of water in the soil through some math formulas and when you hit your depletion level, it watered enough to get that area back up to 100%.

Now - this new method - just seems to water everything every 5 days? All zones were watered last night - and i looked at some of the data - I had zones that were in the 80% range that were watered. I thought the intent was to let the water deplete to encourage strong root growth?


@mathewbeall If flex was working for you, please continue to use it. Our 2.6 software in beta testing now will bring back flex schedules as a first class schedule type. This will be released soon.

If you want access to the beta software (you accidentally removed your old flex schedules) just PM me (click on my name) and let me know if you are iOS/Android and your Apple or Google login email address.


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