New v3 setup, o/e, what schedule to choose? Daily or fixed?

this morning, went out and pulled up several heads with the tool, my wife and her great eyes were able to read the numbers, so we plugged in the updated data to the zones. some 3.0 some 4.0 some 90 degree and some 360 degree, was a guess but 0.1 off is way better than 0.5 to 0.7 it would have been.

have the front 3 zones on flex daily, rear 3 zones on flex monthly, looks like we’ll be watering bazillions of gallons compared to our previous schedule, but zero chance i think we are smarter than the controllers, especially inputting specific data. Cup test might be in the future.

i signed up for the hunter suggested schedule thing too, using our old controller as a guide, to see what they recommend, From the initial, we were watering way under recommended. Could very well be,