New User - Well System


I just installed my controller this weekend and it went in flawlessly. I am on a property with only well water and wanted to use the “delay between zones” feature but I am a bit confused.

Do I have to have the controller wired to a well relay in order to be able to run the delay’s or can I just choose “Well or Pump Start Relay” without actually wiring one in?

My controller is on the other side of the house from the well pump so I would need to bury a wire outside all the way around and then back in to actually wire it which I am trying to avoid if possible.


@NedD - Just set the app to Well or Pump Start Relay and those options should be available. I take it your well works off a pressure switch and a small holding tank to know when to turn on (as it appears to be working fine now)? The pump start relay is used to have Rachio turn on a pump without a pressurized holding tank.

Welcome to the community and have fun!


Thanks DLane,

That makes perfect sense and you are correct, I have a pump start relay with 2 pressure tanks in series (one for irrigation and one for home). I did find that my pump controller which is only a year old can take external 24V sources to turn the pump on so if I find I am draining the tank too quickly I can always try and wire it later.

Thank you again for answering my question, last thing I want to do is screw up my new controller!