New User - Weather History

Hi, I’m new to Rachio and the community, and just hooked up Rachio 3. I retired my old rainbird ESP-SMTe smart (not so smart hard to use) controller.

I’m enjoying the Rachio 3 immensely.

One quick questions, is there any way in the app to see how much rain was received in my area the day before?

Thanks for any help.

Have you chosen a PWS or are you using Weather Intelligence Plus?


Hi franz, I am using weather intelligence plus as recommended by the app for premium forecasting.

Ok in that case the only way to see observed precipitation is when a weather intelligence event is put into your history before each schedule run, or if you use our flex daily schedule the zone moisture graph will have predicted and observed precipitation.


Hi franz. Copy that. I went and looked and found it. Nice to know it’s there. It would be cool if somehow the recent rain totals could be brought to the homepage for easier viewing in a future app update. Thanks for assistance.

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