New User Setup Question - Wi-Fi

First post. I just unboxed a new Gen2 16 zone controller. Downloaded the app to my iPhone6, no problem. Went through the app registration and set up, no problem. Entered the SN as requested, no problem. The app now sees the controller. It’s not wired to the zones yet, but it looks functional. So what’s the problem? My wireless network requires a complex password and I never entered it for the app or the controller to attach to the password-protected Wi-Fi network but it seems to have done so anyway. How could that happen? RJ


If you used an iPhone to activate the controller it securely transmits your WiFi credentials (based on network chosen) without having you enter a password.

Hope this helps answer your question.


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I did use an iPhone and that makes me feel much better. Thank you! I’m really looking forward to installing the controller this weekend. The old mechanical controllers are such a pain.


Ok great, welcome to the community!