New (used) system startup

So I’ve got my rachio 2nd gen out in the garage. It came with the house. I got it connected with my app and it wouldn’t work. So I went to the main Valve where the back flow preventer is too, And it was off. So I turned it on. All of the sprinklers came on and started running (so I know they work). But I went back into the app to see if I could get any zones working and none of them worked. It’s wired for the common, and then zones 1-3. I tried unplugging it from the outlet to see if it would trip the solenids to kind of do a master reset… no luck. So now the only way the sprinklers work is if I manually turn on the master valve and turn it back off manually again. I’ve tried to manually run the zones on the actual controller itself to see if it would turn them off and start again, but no such luck. They seem to operate fine, the app says it’s connected, but I can’t figure it out. Any ideas?

Are you saying that when the master valve is on, all the sprinklers come on whether Rachio is plugged in or not?
If so, it sounds like either all of the valves have their solenoid / bleeder turned in the manual on position or the valves might need to be taken partially apart and cleaned.

That is correct. When the master valve is on, all of the heads run, even if rachio isn’t plugged in. How would I go about knowing if they’re put in the on position manually?

Counterclockwise is on from what I have seen. I think they usually have an on arrow too.