New to Rachio

New to Rachio and kinda new to irrigation systems in general. Only had one once before in a rental house.

Couple of things I can’t seem to figure out if normal or not.

  1. I keep getting high flow alerts on different zones. It’s always right at the beginning of a zones run. I have the flow meter installed and I’ve calibrated them multiple times. It seems to be b/c I get a large water hammer in the house ( I have minimized water hammer activated in the app) and there is always a lot of air and sputtering at first. When I calibrate I keep letting it run longer and longer thinking it will change the average to sorta negate that first minute it’s running and sputtering. so my question is how long is normal to run a zone to calibrate it typically? And since I just had the irrigation system installed 3 weeks ago, is it something about how they installed it or it’s newness that is causing all the air and sputtering and what seems to be a really loud water hammer still? The water pressure in the house drops when the system kicks on and this never happened in the rental house. I’m not entirely sure how that one was installed since it was not my house or system. But I know my house, the system hooks into the main water line before it enters my house.

  2. Saturation skip is causing me a tiny annoyance. I have to repair the grass from the install b/c they drove a ditch witch through my yard plus the reason for the irrigation system is allow me to pull out the weeds (so much crab grass) as well as overseed in general everywhere (yard was so bad when we bought house last year) So some zones I’m watering twice a day to keep the seeds moist while my flowerbeds I want to run with daily flex. So I have two schedules running for grass (morning and evening) and a flex schedule for the flowerbeds but my grass keeps getting the evening schedule skipped b/c it determines the soil is past saturation, so I’m checking it every afternoon and manually over riding it, no problem. But then it wants to skip the morning one, so I over ride it too. But sometimes I guess it’s rechecking things in the middle of the night and sets it to skip again. I have to check in the morning again and tell it to run. Is there a setting I’m not seeing somewhere to prevent me from having to keep rechecking after I’ve already told it to go ahead?

Addressing #2 with the saturation skip- you can go into weather intelligence on the schedules and turn saturation skip off.

Below is how I have weather intelligence set for my overseeding schedules, where I want a specific amount of time set, and the only time I don’t want them watering is if we get rain.


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Thanks Linn! I was looking in Weather Intelligence Plus where it only lists Rain Skip, Wind Skip and Freeze Skip. I didn’t remember going through the same options plus more when I set the schedule up. This makes sense to me now.

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