New to Rachio; Is my Gen2 unit 24 hours behind?

I’m new to Rachio as of this week, and I’ve setup a “Water as needed” schedule. First schedule watering was last Sunday; it had been raining all night and so it skipped the Sunday watering. I received message that it skipped and that was also logged in the Watering History.

Next scheduled watering showed as Thursday. Thursday came and went with nothing: no watering, no message that it was skipping, nothing logged in the Watering History.

Friday (today) comes, and I wake up to a message that the watering cycle began this morning and completed successfully. Watering History shows that it watered the lawn this morning beginning at 5:00am, completing at 5:31am.

Is it possible that the Gen2 unit’s internal calendar has gotten behind by 24 hours? Anyone ever heard of this happening?



I would not think so, the so layer could not work well with that much clock skew, but it is odd. Is this a water as needed?

I’m not as familiar with this scheduler, but if you allow it to run everyday and have climate skip enabled, it could prolong the schedule,based on the rain you received coupled with the evap data.

If I’m wrong someone,will,correct me.

@JohnKinard Did some research and it looks like the schedule was created right at the end of the month, and then started the next day (in May). The interval was still set to April (every 5 days) and not May (every 4 days), hence why it was off in the calendar. Everything has been adjusted and will be on the right cadence from here on out. I’ll have the development team research and fix this issue for future schedules regarding the schedule being created at the end of the month, but not running till the next day (next month).

Thanks for reporting this and please let us know if you have any other questions or feedback.


Thank you for checking into that. I’ll continue to monitor any odd behavior on my end.