New to Rachio – do my settings sound reasonable?

Hello everyone,

I set up my Rachio 3 this week, and being new to irrigation in general, I have no idea if the irrigation schedule looks reasonable. It’s certainly different than the schedule set on my old irrigation controller by some combination of the previous homeowner and my landscaper. I hoping some of you could take a look at my settings and let me know what you think.

I also have a few specific questions:

  • My soil type is Xerorthents, according to the web soil survey I found linked elsewhere in this forum. However, I don’t see anything about the available water capacity or infiltration rate of this soil. E.g.:

  • Much of my landscaping consists of mixed vegetation (small flowers, low shrubs, tree) served by the same set of drip and spray nozzles. I have no idea what I should tell Rachio about root depth in this sort of situation.

  • My old controller was set to water 4 times a week, and on my new “Flex Monthly” schedule, my Rachio wants to water once a week. That sounds reasonable, based on my understanding that once a week is actually better than multiple times a week, but I’m concerned about whether my plants will need time to adapt to the change.

Thanks in advance!

4 Zones

On the old controller, these were set to water on M/W/F/Su as follows:

  • Backyard Sprayers: 11m
  • Backyard Drip: 25m
  • Front Yard Drip: 42m
  • Front Yard Sprayers: 8m

On the Rachio controller, these are now set to water once a week as follows:

  • Backyard Sprayers: 27m
  • Backyard Drip: 1h 23m
  • Front Yard Drip: 1h 23m
  • Front Yard Sprayers: 31m

Backyard sprayers

Backyard drip

Front yard drip

Front yard sprayers