New to Rachio 3 & Need Initial Wiring Assistance

Hello. I’m installing the Rachio 3. I’m OK with the single wires that go to Zones 1-5. However, I’m unclear about the Sen, C & P wires shown on photo from Hunter X-Core (the timer I’m replacing). It appears the master valve wires are brown in color. Looks like one is attached to to P and one to SEN, on the Hunter. However on the Rachio I only see a single M terminal for the Master. Humm…
Thanks in advance for guidance.


C is common, and will go to one of the C terminals on Rachio.

P is pump (or master valve), and will go to the M terminal. Make sure during set up you tell Rachio you have a master valve/pump.

Sensor wires, one wire will go to S1 terminal, the other will go to -24vac terminal.

Zones will go to their corresponding zone number.

Disregard the two yellow wires on the left, that is what powers the Xcore. Rachio uses the barrel plug.


This is truly helpful. Thank you very much.

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