New system. Question about schedules

Hi. I have a newly installed Rachio 3 in a brand new irrigation system. I also have a Mini-Click Rain Sensor. I have three zones: zone 1 is about 500 sq flat in the front with some bucket annuals and rose bushes that also get hit and zones 2 and three are about 1000sq ft each in my slightly slopes back yard. I get a lot of sun on most of the yard. I want to take advantage of flex and “smart” watering, but my concern is the annuals in the front.

I was considering doing separate schedules for zone 1 and zones 2/3.

If I use a flex daily for all three zones, plus a fixed daily for the front, will the flex daily override the fixed when it chooses to run and not double water? Will the flex daily take into account the water added daily by the fixed schedule??

Also part of zone 2 sees more sun than zone 3 and seems to dry out faster. Is there an advanced setting I should adjust for this?

Thanks. Any advice is appreciated.


Welcome to the community!

I would only use one schedule type per zone. Also, I would start flex on one or two zones, grass preferred initially, see how they perform, dial them in, and then roll out to other zones as you see fit.

Yes, but I recommend picking one or the other.

We have a sun exposure setting in the advanced section.