New software Flex Daily Option

Just installed new version of Rachio and created daily flex schedule with it. It did increase my watering time as it indicated but in the calendar view it shows the water drop symbol for 6/2, 6/8 etc… but when going out to the main screen, in the watering schedule section it states next watering date is 6/8. I thought the water drop symbol on the calendar indicates watering days. Is this a bug?

This is because you just created the schedule, it should run tonight to set the moisture level, then I’ll assume in a day or 2 that other watering event will move. Flex daily is like a chow, just crazy unpredictable…but very accurate. There is always a lot of confusion about the calendar with flex as they are trying to expose the behavior of this transient beast. but I think you will love it if your advanced zone setting are correct. it just takes a while to develope trust in your robotic overlord…

But this initial behavior will disappear, and it may be a bug, but there are much much bigger issues to tackle than this cosmetic issue.


Thanks for the reply. Even though it was listed as running on 6/8 for next watering in the watering schedue section, calendar was correct to show 6/2 because it did water 1 zone today. I’m not sure why it decided to water 1 zone and not the others as Rachio watered all zones on 6/1 when I was using the old as needed schedule.

You are right about things being unpredictable because today I’m noticing 3 different watering dates across all of my zones.