New seed: Using fixed hourly can't disable WI


As topic says. Can’t disable Weather Intelligence using Fixed hourly schedule for new lawn (seeds). Is there any other way?

Question 2: Off topic. How do I changes the clock/time to a 24h clock?!

This is currently a client display issue only, we will not perform weather intelligence checks on hourly schedules.

This is not currently supported.


Are you sure it’s a display issue? See attached screen.

The 24h clock: Do you have any plans to add this to the app? Should not be so hard? I would never have thought that 24h clock is not supported.
I have litterly used every geek app on app store. This is the first not supporting 24h clock. Would been a deal breaker if I knewn…

It was corrected yesterday afternoon (will not run for hourly schedules).

I will provide this feedback to our product team, thank you for bringing this to our attention.