New season problems

I had my system turned on yesterday and my schedules won’t show up on calendar. I manually watering tonight and some zones showed irrigation levels but others showed zero still. I unplugged unit and reset the WiFi and still had these problems.


Hi @TimC - are you by any chance in Standby Mode? You would see an orange bar at the top of your home screen stating as such. If you are, this would cause your schedules to not show up on your calendar.

I figured out problem with scheduling. I had set schedules up last year to end in Oct 2017. I changed that to never and there are schedules now.

The 10 minutes test watering cycles I did last night are still not showing moisture increases in all but one zone. Why would that be? It doesn’t even show any irrigation level but it does show in my history that I watered.


Was there a zone in particular you noticed this on?


Last night I ran all 8 zones and all but fire pit and garden didn’t show irrigation increases.

I did notice today that my flowerbeds did show an increase after the morning watering but didn’t last night.



Ok, it looks like the graph is correct recording the moisture (the graph chart went up and we recorded the increase in moisture) but is not reflecting the individual watering event under irrigation. I am having the team review.


Thanks for looking into this. On the other 6 zones the chart didn’t even go up.


It poured rain last night - enough to shut off schedules for today yet all my zones show zero moisture levels. Something is still broken.


The team is still reviewing and we should have the issue resolved today. I’ll let you know when the fix is out.


Thank you


Wanted to give you an update. Team is still working on this, should have a resolution tomorrow. Want to make sure we do significant testing before releasing any patches.


Ok thanks for update. After watering this morning it looks like all zones registered except garden and backyard fireplace.

Any updates?


There is still something wrong with my system. There are a couple zones showing zero moisture yet don’t show watering until the 23.


I’ve looked over your soil moisture graphs and am not finding a zone which won’t water until the 23rd.

Many of your zones are reporting 0% because your Depth of Water is really low.

An example would be with “Left side yard”. We did irrigate on the 11th, 12th, and 13th, but at the end of the day, your total Crop Evapotranspiration is greater than the amount we are allowed to irrigate. Therefore your Moisture Balance would reflect 0% and we would try to continue and irrigate each day.

As for why we didn’t show any Irrigation data on the 8th, it looked like there were a few calls to deplete your zones’ moisture balance. Once we receive a call to fill or empty a zone’s moisture balance, any irrigation data would not be reflected.

I would recommend modifying your zone characteristics to allow for your depth of water to be greater.

If you feel that something is still not working properly, please let us know and we’ll take a deeper look at that.

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I think there is still a problem - The zones that showed zero moisture yesterday updated this morning to now say they will water on the 17th instead of 23rd. But shouldn’t they have watered this morning or tomorrow if they are zero?

I’ve never adjusted the depth of water setting - that was what the program suggested. What should I adjust it to? I have continued to try adjusting everything last year because my grass was continuing to burn with the automatic settings.

I just reset every zone to default settings to start over.


Which zone would that be? I’ve looked at your zones and they have either irrigated this morning or will irrigate tomorrow. The History page reflects that watering did happen this morning too.

Our recommendation to start with 1 zone first to get it dialed in prior to applying it to all of your zones. Defaults are a good start to see when we plan on watering. “Front Lawn” (zone1) is a good example. We see that you have enough moisture to last through today but not tomorrow so we will water tomorrow assuming precipitation and/or Crop ET doesn’t change. It will then start to deplete and water again on the 20th.

To dial in flex-daily schedule, we recommend looking at when are we have watered and when are we planning on watering. With that information, compare that to when you think the zone is depleted and adjust the advanced zone settings at that point.


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I did dial in all my zones last year but they were not working properly this year so I contacted you. On the zones screen it says my next front lawn watering is 5/17 not tomorrow and the others say 5/27. Am I reading that wrong?

I am seeing Schedule Runs for both tomorrow and the 16th. Could I ask which zone are you referring to?

It changed from when I wrote you earlier a number of zones showed zero moisture and no immediate watering. Now they show planned water tomorrow. Maybe it hadn’t updated yet?

It is very possible that it may have updated in the time that we have been writing to one another.

The way the system is designed, we check periodically before your schedule needs to be ran to see if a schedule can and should be watering.

I’m glad to hear you are seeing the changes too and please feel free to reach back out if you see anything else that may not be working properly.

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