New Rachio User

I recently moved into a home in Texas that was already setup with Rachio. It took me a few days to get the address switched over to me. Since then, 3 weeks, I haven’t been able to get the sprinklers working. My grass is dead and 2 trees are dead. I have been sending emails back an forth with customer service and nothing is helping. I never in a million years would think getting sprinklers to turn on would be this difficult. I would recommend having a person that I can speak with on the phone versus back and forth emails. I’m hiring a sprinkler company to come out and set me up with a regular sprinkler system. This has been a nightmare.

I’m disappointed that your post contains no information that would be useful for fixing the problem.

Does your system have a master valve or pump that is required for the sprinklers to run?

If you open a valve manually, do the sprinklers come on?

Can you log into ? If so, do you see your controller? If you click on that, do you see a Quick Run button? If so and you click on that, can you select a zone and tell it to run? If so, does it show the zone running? Does water come out?