New Rachio Product that makes sense

As a seasoned Rachio Pro for years now with hundreds of Rachio’s installed I have wondered about the future of Rachio. The new fertilizer program seems a bit out of touch and really just angered the licensed professionals in the industry leaving them to ask “why would Rachio compete with us, and take business away from us.” Yes, fertilizer is on every corner marketed to homeowners all the time. However, they have to buy equipment to spread it and make an effort to lift and purchase it several times a year. Once again I can not wrap my head around the strategy here. Every time I look at where Rachio has been and try to figure out where Rachio is headed I have this reoccurring movie clip in my head from the movie (Knight and Day). Where Tom Cruise explains to Cameron Diaz’s success of life “with me / without me”. Feel free to watch the clip on your own, it speaks volumes. Rachio has a unique opportunity to jump ahead of the major manufactures in weather stations. Taking a deep dive into what is out there for the Pro’s to install for the homeowners and what homeowners want is a proper weather station that connects directly to the Rachio controller “wirelessly”. The major manufactures are working overtime trying to figure out how to connect to products they already have using dongles and such. An absolute nightmare for Pro’s to troubleshoot. I have a PWS and my biggest complaint is the inside piece needs to be tethered to my computer for wifi connection. It would be great for Rachio to figure out how to work with a PWS maker and BRAND it Rachio that would connect directly to my GEN 3. All my weather is on my dashboard in my Rachio app.

It is time for Rachio to sell something that works with the Rachio’s we already have in our homes. It is a win win for everyone and it a product that everyone wants and needs for continued Water Conservation!


My thoughts exactly! I hated to see the flow meter go for whatever reason, but a rain sensor and a weather station would make sense. Please focus on what you do best. If you want to sell fertilizer, start another company to do that. I’ve installed 100 + units since Gen 1; I welcomed Gen 3 because of 5 ghz linking and large wire accommodation.

When I saw the fertilizer ad, my first thought was “what the hell were they thinking?” Please get back to hardware design and production for the pros. The older software with the dial for zone and run times was very easy. Now, to reduce or increase run times, I must tap the little plus or minus to change it.

Ive also replaced some recently because of power surges or lightning damage. A more robust line interface would help, or even a Rachio surge suppressor. How about a wireless valve for those shorted lines that require endless searching. I could think of a dozen ideas for products that would enhance your product line…(other than fertilizer :thinking:)
How about more than sixteen zones without linking the two. 24??? 36???
Please get back to your core business. There, nuf said.



How about improving your customer support by creating a software app that can diagnose, optimize and spit out dashboard reports? You know, charts that show how much money I’m saving on my water bill that I can brag about to my neighbors…


I do not like the ads for fertilizer either. What I need to understand if selfing a product is a one and done experience, how will the company continue to make money. I am a new user, love it and wonder how long I will be able to use it “for free.”


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WIRED Ethernet (Cat5e +) controller.
No problems compared to trying, and trying, and trying, to get WiFi working properly and connected.
Controller is not going anywhere, its bolted to the wall, perfect device to wire in.

Er, perhaps you’ve answered your own question here. The Rachio controller would be a “one and done” purchase. The Thrive product is a subscription and ongoing income stream for Rachio.