New Rachio Gen 3 offline for a day

After 3 weeks of flawless use, my controller has gone off line. I have tried everything suggested on the support site and on the community site to resolve to no avail. I either receive a message in the app telling me an error has occurred and to try again or a blank screen. I have tried 15 times or so. I have rebooted my router a few times and recycled the Rachio controller itself and I can still not get it re connected. The third light flashes white 12 times followed by 1 red flash. Please help.

The controller looks connected. Just curious what troubleshooting you performed?


Hi Franz,

Thanks for the reply. You are right it must just reconnected in the last hour. I tried for 30 mins this morning and over an hr this afternoon and got no where. Continually tried to troubleshoot the wifi via the app, recycled the device and the router numerous times and could not get it reconnect. Weird that it would just reconnect on its own like that. All my other smart home devices were fine (and I have many), any thoughts on what might have occurred?

Again thanks for following up.


Sorry I don’t, just checking in to see if anything we could share with the community.