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After seeing your sprinkler system on Wink I thought that would be a great idea for my home as I’m often away and who wants sprinklers on when it’s already rained and we can save water! So I checkout your webpage on the first 1st Jan and saw how the system worked etc etc… The next day I was in Home Depot and by chance happened to come across one of your boxes on the shelf in there home automation area… Great, so I went ahead and bought the system and installed it that afternoon…

They system works great, although I will say that it DOESNT seem to be intergrating with the wink system app as I’ve set up watering times and there not showing on wink… Whether it’s a wink issue or Rachio one who knows, but I bought the system because it was supposed to be compatible with wink.

A few days ago I get two emails from Rachio… First one saying congrats on your first month, how’s it all going? Then the next email says hey would you like to buy our new upgraded model? Seriously? I just shelled out a ton of money for the old model and now you want me to buy a newer model? WTF?

  1. Why didn’t you put on your website that a new model was coming out? If so I would have waited to buy the new one instead!!!

  2. I called your customer service dept ONLY to be told that you won’t exchange it because I bought it retail instead of online through you! What difference does it make if I buy it retail thru Home Depot or online thru your website? I bought it at Home Depot as I’m not always here to accept packages being delivered that have been in the passed stolen from my front door… It was a convenience issue!

  3. Your customer service dept was rude and unhelpful to me! Basically saying no we can’t help you, thank you for your money, but if you bought it online we could have exchanged it for you… Really?? I get that customer service people don’t have the authority that mangers etc have so I asked to speak with a manger / supervisor … He refused to put me thru to ANYONE! Told me he didn’t have a manger / supervisor!

Very disappointed in their customer care and treatment!

Sorry you weren’t satisfied after working with our support team.

Our customer service director will be reaching out to you shortly to discuss your issues.

Thanks and have a great day.


@Pissedoffcustomer, good morning. Thanks for sharing this issue. Wink is restructuring their engineering team after being acquired by Flextronics last fall. We hope they can get the kinks of the Rachio <> Wink integration fixed sooner than later. Perhaps you could use IFTTT as a bridge until they are able to iron out the kinks.

I’m sorry to hear you’re not as excited as we are about our Generation 2 product launch. We apologize for any inconvenience caused. We offered all of our existing users as of 2/1 the option to upgrade their controller as a thank you for their early support.

We’re not offering any exchanges, but many users are having good luck selling their Generation 1 controllers online to recover the cost of the upgrade. The goal of the upgrade program was for users to pass along their Generation 1 controller to a friend or family member and help share water savings. Do you have anyone that might be interested in upgrading their old timer for yours?

In reviewing support calls, I did see your call added yesterday afternoon. Some of our CSRs do work remotely but can always transfer a call to a manager/supervisor upon request. I’ll review your call as they are all recorded. At the moment, our standard policy for discount and exchange requests is to email; I believe the CSR you spoke to was simply doing his best to follow the policy and didn’t intend to upset you with his response.

If I’m understanding correctly, you’re upset over 1) the current state of the Wink integration, and 2) that the controller you recently purchased has been updated. Please note, the same software (app) is used on both controllers and Generation 1 will always be supported with future app updates. The controller itself does not limit the app’s functionality. The only differences are hardware related, which include:

Just curious, did you speak with anyone prior to purchasing your controller? Moving forward, what can I do to make things right for you? Let me know how I can help. If you email, I will personally handle your request.

Best, Emil