New plantings

I’ve started with a clean slate in my yard so all new irrigation and plants. I’m using all drip irrigation for a mix of new shrubs, trees, ground cover and perennials. My question is, since these will all be newly planted how will the Iro handle this? Presumably, the amount of water for brand new plantings is greater than an established plant, right?

I already bought the Iro and am close to being able to fire everything up for the first time. When I first go through the zone setup, should I just ignore the fact that these are all new plants and let it choose the times normally?

@cfwiggum, thanks for reaching out. Great questions, I’ll do my best to answer them below:

Are your drip zones divided by type of plant and/or type of emitter? i.e. Do shrubs have their own zone, trees another, etc and matching nozzles on each…or is it mixed and matched? Pending how your system was designed will play a key role in how the Iro will handle your watering schedules. Ideally, the system was designed and divided into unique hydrazones that have similar attributes.

We do not currently have an establishment watering feature to adjust for new plantings. You will need to override the recommended watering durations to account for this. However, please remember that the Iro will water to an established shrub/tree/perennial root zone depth. As new plantings have swallow root zone depths, this will likely offset the need to add more time to the watering duration.

I’d recommend seeing what the Iro recommends and decide if that sounds correct for your yard. If you have a zone with multiple hydrazones, we’ll need to override the recommendation as the Iro does not accept multiple vegetation and/or nozzle selections on a zone by zone basis.

Hope this helps. :slight_smile:

Best, Emil

The zones are going to match to plant types. One zone will be for trees, another is for ground cover etc. I’ll just see what it recommends and go from there. Thanks!

@cfwiggum, perfect! This makes scheduling much easier.

Please keep us posted. If there’s anything you think we could do better, please let us know.

Best, Emil