New owner, old account

Hello! We just moved in and I’m trying to take over the Rachio from the previous owner. I contacted customer support and sent them a picture of the serial number and they were able to connect the controller to my account. However, the old controller is still present in the app and I’m not sure how to remove it and start over fresh. The directions I’m seeing to remove a controller don’t appear to be there in my app. Any help appreciated!


Welcome to the community!

Were you able to perform these actions?



Yes, I deleted the old controller and added a new one with my phone. I believe the app is all set up properly, but I am not sure if water is being fed to the system. I turned the valve as the previous owner had showed me to, but I don’t hear anything or see any indication that there is water.

I tested all the zones and ran them for 3 minutes but nothing happened.