New member with basic questions

Hey everyone I have had my Rachio online for about a month now and am in need of some help. When I set it up, I jumped right in with the flex daily and started to notice some issues. I had a manual controller prior and am very observant of my lawn. What I was noticing is that I had some areas drying up very quickly, so I started clicking “water a lot more”, etc. I still was not getting the appropriate watering I needed to keep certain zones completely green, even after changing nozzles, adjusting heads, etc. Last week I switched to a fixed schedule (I am able to water every odd day) and things have gotten a lot better. I want to go back to the flex daily, but wondering if anyone can tell me if I should be adjusting more of the advanced settings within the specific zones, and if so, which ones?

It might be helpful to know what your current settings are if you can. I have not seen the “water a lot more” button yet.

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Like @Thomas_Lerman mentioned, it’s hard to make recommendations without knowing some details about your settings and your yard.

But, I will add that Flex Daily really doesn’t work all that well when limited to only 3-4 days of watering.