New Landscape establishment feature

I can apply for a 21 day watering variance to water new sod, shrubs or bedding plants. Is there a way to program individual zones for a 21 day window and then automatically revert to odd watering on the flex schedule? Sod is what I worry about most. It is cool in Oklahoma City today, but 90 degree days are upcoming.

When you set up your schedule for new sod you can set the start date and the end date. The schedule will only run between those dates. You could then use IFTTT to run the schedule as many times per day as you want or set up multiple schedules for each of the specific start times (ie. 7AM, 9AM, 11AM, 1PM, etc). If you use IFTTT it will not respect a rain or climate delay and will not care about time period of 21 days. IFTTT just does what you command it to do without regards to any Rachio constraints.

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That is great to know.