New install, several zones not working

I installed a new Rachio 3 (8 Zone 3rd Generation) and can’t get three of my five zones to work. With my trusty multimeter I’m seeing the following when I touch:

  • C & 1, C & 2, C & 3 – 9V
  • C & 4, C & 5 – no volts
  • M & 1, M & 2, M & 3 – no volts
  • M & 4, M & 5 – 9V

It’s zones 1, 2, and 3 that don’t work. Previously on the Rainbird both white wires went to a single ‘C’ lead.

When I swap C and M wires, then zones 1-3 start working and 4 & 5 stop working. So it doesn’t feel like a problem with the solenoids.

Thoughts or suggestions? Thanks in advance.

Do you have a Pump/Master Valve? If so, that should be hooked to M & C.

All common wires from the old controller should go to the C connectors.

Do you happen to have before and after pictures that you can post.

Fixed. It was that both of the common wires from the old system should go into the one C slot on the new system. I had it in my mind that ‘M’ acted like another C slot if you don’t have a pump/master valve, for some reason. The documentation and all my Googling doesn’t mention anywhere that you’re supposed to plug both Commons into the one C port, so that’s a possible improvement to docs (or maybe someone will find this msg).

Thanks for jumping in @Thomas_Lerman.

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Glad you got it fixed, great job.