New install few questions

Hi so few questions since for anyone with some experience.
I just had all pipe trenches and only a single zone turned on so far out of five.
Tested and works with the rachio 3

Few things I noticed

  1. When running the zone water pressure in the home just dies off. It goes back to normal when zone turns off. But there seems to be a bit of air in the home pipes. The main water supply Is 3/4” then each zone has a main raiser of 1”
    Is the water drop normal ?

  2. There is a slight slope the the lowest sprinkler gets a bit of pooling is guess the only way to fix this would be to get all heads with automatic closing valves which would have been a upgrade from standard
    So most of you just live with the slight pooling ?

@shadow4478 - what’s the water source - well pump or municipality? Do you know the water pressure when nothing is running? How many heads on that zone?

My house main water supply is 3/4", which tee’s off and goes to the sprinkler system and it uses 1" pipe. I don’t remember noticing a pressure drop in the house when my system is running - although it is early morning when I’m not using any other water.

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Water source is municipality
I didn’t test the pressure myself
There is 5 fixed hunter sprinklers on that zone (none rotary)

Quick update,
The water pressure is fine now
Tested few times now there is just a slight hiccup when the zone turns off almost like someone flushing a toilet.
Maybe be it had something to do with the initial test…

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Just installed gen3 rachio, only diff between wiring in my old Hunter xcore is that all 5 common wires were in the only “c” terminal of the xcore, but since Rachio3 has 2 “c” terminals I put 3 common wires in one “c” terminal & 2 common wires in the other “c” terminal.

I have an 8 zone system w/ relay pump (well)… everything worked upon first boot up, but for some reason zone 1 pops up/waters for about 5 seconds each time I turn on any other zone (2-8).

Any ideas why? (I don’t recall this happening before).

@Adrian97c - My initial guess on those symptoms it the valve on zone one may need servicing. A quick way to test that is to either disconnect zone one or swap zone one and zone 2. If the behavior is consistent then the issue isn’t electrical but mechanical in that valve/diaphragm. If the behavior isn’t consistent or moves to zone 2, then we’d need to dive into it a little bit more.