New IFTTT Event Trigger Coming Soon!


Hi guys,
I have set up the IFTTT applet called “Track Watering In A Google Spreadsheet.” It works fine.
Now I want more. I want to log every event from my controller to a google spreadsheet. E.g. when the rain sensor is triggered; or when a delay is logged, etc.
I tried to create my own applet to do this; but the Ingredients available to me aren’t as broad as the ones you used in “Track Watering.” When I choose the Rain Sensor event, then try to create an action, the only Ingredients it shows me are CreatedAt and EventName. (But in your Track Watering applet, you had other fields such as DeviceName, which I need too.)
Can you help me understand this better? Is there a way to:

  1. Get access to “all” recipe fields?
  2. Or could you create the applet for me to “log all events” ?



I use ifttt with numerous devices including the rachio. What I can say about it is that it is consistently bad in certain scenarios. With other devices or combinations it works fine. I’ve have some alerts that activate things on my home thermostat. Two almost identical applets. One triggers consistently and the other doesn’t. Both are location based to put the thermostat in a hold condition. No rhyme or reason. Sometimes editing an applet will revive it for a while. Don’t bet your life on the system but if my lawn didn’t water perfectly, I’ll survive.