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I want to revive this because it’s still very hit-and-miss for me. It rains infrequently in San Diego, so it’s often a long time between instances where my rain sensor activates. The last time my ‘rain sensor activated’ rule triggered properly was on Nov 21, but I got a notification from my Rachio v2 last night that rain sensor had activated (correctly), but the recipe didn’t run. I manually checked it, but it still didn’t trigger. I had to manually set up a rain delay.

It’s frustrating because I have no obvious way to debug it. All I can do is look at the IFTTT history and see that it didn’t trigger in response to the registered Rachio event. Is there any way to figure out what’s going on? Should I at least be able to successfully manually check the rule when the rain sensor is activated and have the rule run? It’s just not working for me.


Hey @rccoleman!
I will try to recreate this on my end to see if I run into the same issue so we can debug it. What are you having the recipe trigger? Just curious so I can see if maybe it’s something on the other end. Let me know.
McKynzee :rachio:


I’m triggering on rain sensor activated and setting a 48 hour rain delay. I’m hoping that you guys have some sort of log that indicates if you tried to notify IFTTT when the rain sensor triggered and the response from them. From IFTTT, there’s no indication that the trigger happened.



Thanks Rob. We do have access to some of that information, so I am going to mess around and see if I can identify the issue. I will keep you updated!


@rccoleman Have you experienced any issues with this recipe other than last Monday? I noticed on that day the times aren’t displaying in your Activity Log… I’m curious if that is what cause the issue.


Yes, it’s failed to register in the past and I posted in this thread back in Sept when it last happened. It just seems hit or miss.


It failed to trigger again last night. The rain sensor was activated just before 11PM last night, and there’s still no evidence that IFTTT triggered the recipe.

Is this working for anyone?


@rccoleman I will look into it again, I have a rain sensor set up on my personal controller with the same recipe and haven’t had issues, but also it hasn’t been triggered all that much! It may be helpful to see your recipe if you don’t mind sharing it with me, maybe it’s something in there?


It doesn’t look like I can publish it, but here’s a screenshot:

It’s pretty simple, and it did trigger a while back. The applet ID is 41767803d, if it’s possible for you to get to it.


I’ve got a couple of similar recipes as well. I have one setup to log Rain Sensor activated events and another to log Rain Sensor Deactivated events. Strange thing is that the last three times it’s rained, only the Deactivated triggers have been logged. Both are set up the same so I’m not sure why the activated trigger isn’t logging.


There’s apparently a race condition where IFTTT only sees the trigger if it checks at the moment the sensor activates. McKynzee said that they’re looking into it. It failed to run again today, for what it’s worth.



@rccoleman @pjschaffer-
We have hit a slight roadblock with this- it’s strange because the interaction between my controller and IFTTT looks entirely different than the interaction between @rccoleman and IFTTT. Now that I have two accounts I may be able to make better progress. Do either of you happen to remember when you created these recipes? Have you ever deleted and then recreated the recipes? Let me know- thanks for your continued help on this!
McKynzee :rachio:


I had created it back when IFTTT support was announced, but I deleted and re-created it in November to see if it would get better. It didn’t help.

It’s particularly strange because it’s clear that the Rachio sees the activation right on time, my iPhone is immediately notified, and the event shows up in my history, so the Rachio cloud knows that it happened.


I had tried deleting and recreating in the past but still have had issues. For example, I see an activation in my IFTTT log on Dec 21, but not subsequent de-activation and activations on the Dec 25 and Dec 30 respectively.

The last time I created the recipe was in Oct of 2016.


@mckynzee Is this investigation still going on? The trigger has worked for the past 2-3 storms that we’ve had here, but I don’t know if something changed or if it was just coincidence.


Hi @rccoleman-
I apologize for my delayed response!
So I don’t know if you recall when we first ran into this issue it seemed like IFTTT and you controller weren’t “talking” correctly. I tried to recreate this on my own controller with a rain sensor, and could never get it to replicate what you were experiencing. Now looking at the successful triggers you have, the way your controller and IFTTT are talking is back to normal. I wish I had a better explanation as to what changed, but I can’t identify any difference other than it just switched over. I don’t know if it was possibly an issue on IFTTT’s side that has been resolved? I still check your account and @pjschaffer’s, but I still see that conversation happening correctly, so it’s looking like it may have resolved itself? I will absolutely continue to monitor to see if it switches back to working incorrectly so we can try to further troubleshoot, but my hope would be that it continues to work correctly for you!
Let me know if you have other questions-
McKynzee :rachio:


It failed again this morning. The rain sensor was activated, I got the notification in the Rachio app, but the IFTTT applet failed to run.


@rccoleman Not happy it failed, but this gives us the opportunity to investigate further. I will take this to our engineers today and see if they see where the disconnect is occuring.


@mckynzee Just checking back in again, as lawn watering season will be coming up here in a couple months. Wondering if there’s been any conversation on adding an event based on these log items:

Again, it would be very helpful to be able to trigger my valve controller in that ~hour timespan between that schedule update and the actual scheduled start time. It’ll help get my leaky valves all filled up and pressurized before they start opening to run the zones on the schedule.

In this case, I’d have 2 recipes…

  1. On Scheduled to run event, open valve
  2. On Schedule completed event, close valve
    (3. On Schedule stopped event, close valve also?)


Hey @talz13-

While I definitely see the value of this feature, we have spent the off season really focusing on improving our system in preparation for a software release this spring. Since we have been so focused on these internal improvements, things like improving integrations have taken more of a back seat. That being said, these changes will put us in a much more powerful position for this spring, and will allow us to make improvements and add features quickly. We will be in a position to really react to our users feedback and needs more easily. I understand this doesn’t help you immediately, but I can assure you that your request has been heard by the team. While this software improvement may not immediately help, I think it is a huge step in the right direction. Did you try my recommendation in post 58? I have some other ideas for a workaround if that doesn’t do the trick.

Let me know- again, I am sorry I can’t come with better news, but I will make sure this recommendation is heard as we move forward this season. I think there is a lot of untapped potential in our integrations, and this would be a great addition!

McKynzee :rachio:

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