New IFTTT Event Trigger Coming Soon!


i have asked about something similar. the disconnected event is a heuristic. it was explained to me that it could be overly verbose to trigger an event on these.


I have similar results - the google spreadsheet rows appear to be duplicated


The new triggers are great but there is one element required. There should be at least one additional “IFTTT” ingredient available called “Zone name”. Otherwise when triggering on zone start, zone stop, zone completed all you can get in Google spreadsheet is time stamp and zone event message.
Without registering zone name it’s hard to figure out which zone actually triggered this event.

only options for “ingredient” right now are:


Thanks, I’ll setup a recipe and see if I can duplicate :wink:



Eventually I can add to the event (Zone 3 started) on our side, in the backlog, need some time to get to this.



I know this is an old thread. I’m new to Rachio and I’m trying to set-up a Zone History download using IFTTT. The current recipe for Google Sheet only dumps the Schedule run time, not the individual zones. I’ve been trying to use the Event Trigger discussed in this thread, but I’m not seeing Zone Name, so I’m getting the same issue that @sowagreg described.

Any updates on if/when Zone Name will be added as an ingredient to the Event Trigger?


@skapeta I’d still like to add it, just been busy on other projects :wink: I’ll revisit what level of effort this will take.



I have an IFTTT recipe posting water times to Google excel sheet. I like to include number of gallons when a zone stops watering. I don’t see that in the recipe combo box (i.e the fields with {{}} braces).

How do I include gallons and inches of water per sq ft with each of these events?



Reading through the above replies, I think the feedback could be consolidated as:

It would be nice to have access to all of the info that is currently logged including event type, event time, zone, watering duration (requested for started, actual for stopped or watered) PLUS gallons used

Augmented Rachio History Example:

Watering or Starting Events: {{EventTime}}|||{{EventType}}|||{{PlannedDuration}}|||{{ConsumptionRate}}
Watered | Stopped Events: {{EventTime}}|||{{EventType}}|||{{Duration}}|||{{Consumption}}

  • Today at 2:00 PM Watered Vineyard 1 for 52 seconds, used xx gallons
  • Today at 2:00 PM Stopped Vineyard for 514 minutes, used xx gallons
  • Today at 1:59 PM Watering Vineyard 1 for 240 minutes, using xx gallons/minute
  • Today at 1:59 PM Started Vineyard for 514 minutes


+1 for this request. I JUST setup IFTTT for the first time and the lack of zone names for event triggers was the first thing I noticed.


I’ve had a recipe set up since May of this year to initiate a rain delay if my rain sensor is activated. Yesterday, the rain sensor triggered and my Rachio app saw and reported it, but the recipe didn’t run. There was no evidence of a rain delay in the iOS app or device log (I do see the sensor activation), and IFTTT tells me that the last time the recipe ran was back in May. There’s been no rain between then and now, so that’s plausible.

Is there any way I can debug this after the fact? Situations like this where I try to automate something and then have to babysit it takes away much of the value. I edited the rule and all settings seemed to be correct.


I’m working around a leaky valve (doesn’t leak too bad), and want to set up rachio / IFTTT / SmartThings to do the following:

  1. When Rachio gets a “Schedule Started” or “scheduled to run at…” event like this
  2. Rachio would send an IFTTT trigger
  3. IFTTT would send a trigger to SmartThings to open my shutoff valve to my irrigation
  4. Rachio sends a “Schedule Completed” or “Schedule Stopped” event to IFTTT
  5. IFTTT would trigger SmartThings to close my shutoff valve to the irrigation

Same could be said for manual runs, doesn’t look like there’s an IFTTT trigger for a manual run (unless they trigger the same “Schedule Started” set of events.

Thus, there should be no possibility of leakage when the sprinklers are not running.


Hey @talz13-
How is your shutoff valve activated by Smart Things? Are you using the FotrezZ water valve?


It’s not set up yet, but I am planning on using the Zooz water/gas valve control:

$55 for the valve controller, $120 for the plumber to swap my old turn-type valve with a lever valve, still over $200 cheaper than the fortrezz!


I could be looking in the wrong spot, but I don’t think the Zooz valve is compatible with SmartThings? This is the list I’m looking at:


It is, it just loads up as an on/off switch. SmartThings device support list is pretty spotty with what actually works (i.e. everything on that list should work, but there are many devices that are not on the list that also work)


@talz13 Ahhhh understood. I thought it looked a little short. So- we do not have a trigger that would do exactly what you’re asking, but I have a work around idea. What kind of schedule are you running?


I’m mainly using a flex schedule, but had a few manual schedules over the summer to keep the new grass seed areas wet


@talz13 Alright so I would set up two recipes- one that’s triggered by “Watering time started” and opens your valve and the other triggered by “Watering time ended” and closes it. There may be a little delay between your schedule starting and the valve opening, but I can’t imagine it would be much of an issue. One thing is this didn’t work for manual runs when I tested, don’t know if that will cause issues for you.


Yeah, I was thinking that might be the case. The only potential issue I can see is lack of pressure on my backflow device if the zone valve is turned on before the main water valve is. The backflow doesn’t like to seal itself if it doesn’t have adequate pressure, and just leaks all over if it doesn’t catch.

My system just got winterized yesterday, but I’ll bookmark this and give it a try first thing in the spring.